Why Choose Toreq?

TOREQ EARTH SCRAPERS are known for their highest standards in quality, design and durability. These requirements are met with the use of the following features:

* Unitized welded construction utilizing heavy tubular steel frame with reinforced steel construction of sidewalls, floor, front gate and rear push gate with high rear spill plate.

* Gate arms are constructed with formed heavy steel plate and front gates are gusseted for maximum strength and service.

* TOREQ’s knuckle-type steering system includes a six-way steering dolly with a 360 degree front swivel hitch, which permits greater mobility with less strain.

* Three-part heavy-duty cutting blades are designed with a protruding center for maximum heaping capabilities and ease of operation in hard or frozen soil.

* Maximum ground clearance when the cutting edge is in the raised position enables the operator efficient ejection of the spoils.

* TOREQ’s arched cross pipe and wide apron clearance provides easy ejection of the load regardless of soil condition.

* The cutting blade and front gate are positioned for the operator’s full vision during loading and ejection of the spoils.

*The hydraulically-operated rear gate is designed utilizing forward forced straight ejection which achieves smooth, even spread of the spoils at the desired depth.

* Industrial style double-acting hydraulic cylinders are constructed with high-carbon chrome rods and externally threaded tubes for end gland retention.

* TOREQ’s unique hourglass roller design with greaseable taper bearings utilize four rollers to stabilize the rear push gate for maximum control and efficiency during ejection.

* All pivot pins are grooved for complete distribution of grease and heat-treated for maximum durability with replaceable bushings designed for ease of maintenance.

*TOREQ’s rugged bucket design remains parallel to the ground during loading operations for increased operator cutting control.

* Rear axles are height adjustable which enables the user to maintain the levelness of the scraper eliminating the possibility of uneven cutting.

* Shields over the side hydraulic cylinders and front gate pivot prevent soil, rocks or debris from obstruction during operation.

* Transport lock-up pins are installed for safety and convenience.

* All TOREQ models are designed to incorporate laser technology.

* All-Non-Skid (ANS) diamond tread tires are standard on all models, except the 6000, to achieve maximum traction and durability.

* Numerous options are available to adapt the scraper to each of your specific needs and requirements.