Steiger Mfg History

Steiger Manufacturing was incorporated in the 1960’s.  John Steiger, along with his two sons, Maurice and Douglass designed, engineered and manufactured one of the first 4-wheel drive agricultural tractors.  As the demand for the tractor grew they quickly realized their manufacturing facility was inadequate.  They sold their tractor business in the early 1970’s.


The Steiger’s involvement in manufacturing continued with the Toreq Earth Scraper.  By 1983, Maurice and his three sons, Bruce, Bryan and Bradley, were the sole owners of Toreq.  They chose to operate in the same facility that their tractor was originally manufactured.  However, in 1985 their plant burned to the ground.  They built a new facility in the same location the original plant stood.  Tragedy struck the Steiger’s again in 1991.  Maurice, Bruce and Brad were killed in a private airplane crash, leaving Bryan to operate the business.

Toreq Earth Scrapers continue to be manufactured in the Steiger facility.  There are six heavy-duty, dolly-type models available – the 6000, 9000, 11500, 13000, 16000 and the 18000.  Also available are several direct-mount models – ranging from 10 to 17 cubic yards.  Steiger’s commitment to innovative design and quality products are clearly visible in the Toreq Earth Scraper.  As Steiger’s reputation for high customer satisfaction began with their tractor business, it continues today with Toreq Earth Scrapers, PTO Ditchers, hydraulic cylinders, and custom manufacturing.